Rubio Monocoat

Oil Plus 2C Savanna


Oil Plus 2C is a wood protector that colors and protects in only 1 single layer. It protects wood from water, heat and daily wear and tear. It is the best oil for wood furniture, hardwood flooring, oak tables, anything made out of wood due to its advanced molecular bonding technology. This oil truly enhances the natural look and feel of the wood.

  • 0% VOC, does not contain any water or solvents. Easy to maintain.
  • It’s a natural wood floor finish because the oil is made of linseed.
  • No overlaps or starting marks.
  • Minimal use/High coverage: 30 - 50 m²/L (300 - 500 ft²/L.)
  • Can be applied to all wood types. Certified. Very wear-resistant.
  • Water- and heat-resistant, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Very fast curing: 80% in 2 days and a short ‘dry’ maintenance period: after 5 days, the surface can be cleaned with water and soap.

Available Quantities: 350ML, 1.3L 

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