Engineered Versus Solid Wood Floors

Most people believe that engineered floors are lesser product when compared to solid wood floors. While that is true of most engineered floors made in the past or made by those who cut corners, that is not true for our company. We shape our engineered wood floors out of rough lumber that has been cut from sustainable timbers. One board of lumber can make either one solid wood flooring plank or three engineered wood flooring planks. The advantages of engineered wood floors are that they can be re-sanded multiple times, they have less movement and added stability, they can be installed with glue or nails or on wood or concrete, they are made from a sawn cut not a rotary cutter, and they can be installed above or below grade.

Advantages of Engineered Wood Floors

  • Can be re-sanded multiple times.
  • Less movement and added stability.
  • Can be installed with glue or nails.
  • Can be installed on wood or concrete.
  • Live sawn cut not rotary cut.
  • Installed above or below grade.