TEC Wood Endure Advanced Performance Wood Flooring Adhesive


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TEC® Wood EndureTM Advanced Performance Wood Flooring Adhesive is a ground-
breaking development in wood flooring adhesives that requires no pre-installation moisture testing*. Wood EndureTM is an environmentally friendly formulation, is easy to trowel and suitable for all green building projects. It can be used for all types of engineered wood flooring, designed to be installed using the glue down installation method. When used as an adhesive and moisture barrier, WoodEndureTM reduces moisture to acceptable limits.

Key Features and Benefits

• No moisture testing needed
• Easy to clean
• Greater bond strength and superior initial strength


3.5 gallon plastic pail


Store at a moderate room temperature. Protect adhesive from freezing. Refer to the
Technical Data section of this PDS, for more information.

Shelf Life

Maximum of 1 year from date of manufacture in unopened container.


• Interior use only
• Do not use on wet, dusty or contaminated substrates
• Subfloor must be dry
• Do not use in areas subject to hydrostatic pressure
• Room temperature should be between 65 F (18 C) and 90 F (35 C) during

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