Top Trending Floors of Summer '22

Top Trending Floors of Summer '22

With the flooring industry continuing to grow and flourish, the options available for flooring type and the expansive color selection can make anyone’s head spin. Are you wondering which floors are trending most this season? You may find yourself thinking something like, “How am I supposed to be able to choose?!” Fear not, Lumberjack Direct is here to help! We’ve got a brilliant team of flooring industry gurus who dedicate their days to helping our customers choose a hardwood floor that best suits their needs and desired aesthetic.

As Summer continues to heat up, so are the trending floors of the season. We’re about half way into Summer ’22 which has given the experts at Lumberjack Direct plenty of time to focus on and study all of our best-selling products so far. And, with the look and feel of each of these floors, there’s not a shred of doubt as to why they’ve been such a big hit. 

We are comin’ in HOT with this one, y’all! 


First up: Top 5 trending HARDWOOD floors...

1. ‘Vittoria’ from Mediterranean Collection by California Classics- Gemwoods

The Mediterranean Collection has dominated the flooring industry since it was launched by California Classics (Gemwoods) and Vittoria is at the top of the list for bestsellers. Vittoria offers a bit of sultry coolness to a neutral tonal value that can’t be dismissed. This collection brings us beautifully crafted French Oak planks that undergo multiple processes from their most raw form to create exceptional floors. We’re talking boss-level craftsmanship. First step is hand-selection of the finest French Oak. In production, the planks undergo exclusive double smoking technique used to age the natural Oak grain and lock in these “heirloom-caliber” colors. Each surface is then wire-brushed, hand-scraped and hand-carved to perfection, finished with high end stains.

We envision Vittoria in the French Country home of everyone’s dreams. With floors that give a feel of ageless antiquity, what’s not to love?!


2. ‘St. Tropez’ from the Azur Reserve Collection by HF Design

St. Tropez by Azur

Well, with a name like ‘St. Tropez,’ need we say more?! We know photos just can’t do it justice but just look at those floors (queue googly heart-eyes). St. Tropez has a unique combination of softness and raw beauty with the varied cool, earthy tones and all that natural grain showing off in each plank. In the Azur Reserve collection, each plank is thermal treated to enhance the natural patina of this French Oak (are we seeing a pattern here?) and add organic, inviting character to any space. For added protection from seasonal impact and daily wear, these floors are finished with a UV cured wax oil. We can see it now…St. Tropez flooring in your absolute charmer of a country-chic home. 


3. ‘SeaSalt’ from the Sanctuary Collection by Mannington 

Sea Salt Sanctuary


With Mannington flooring, you can feel the intention in their craftsmanship. As we’ve said before, White Oak is synonymous with zen-like beauty and as our homes should be our very own sanctuary, this collection was created by Mannington with that vision in mind. Sanctuary offers wide planks, up to 7 feet long that have each been cured with an ultra matte finish for that meditative softness. We’re feeling the vibes here and the vibes are telling us that ‘Sea Salt’ draws in a tender and calming foundation to any home or space. It’s sure to inspire!


4. ‘Ambry’ from the Contempo Collection by Bravada

Ambry Contempo


Truly, we didn’t plan it this way but there just so happens to be a beautiful beach in the backdrop of this Ambry flooring photo, reminiscent of a summer getaway, and it must just be kismet. Don’t you think?

The cooler neutral variation of this floor feels just right for bringing that Summer heat down to just the right temperature. The natural grain of European Oak is accentuated through a methodical process of wire-brushing each plank. Bravada Contempo is protected and sealed with a 2mm veneer that carries a UV Cured Urethane matte finish, better enhancing the aesthetic of that organic texture. 

It’s almost as if we can hear the waves crashing, Ambry European Oak floors beneath our feet, in a perfectly contemporary space of our own. How can you go wrong?


5. ‘Snowcap’ from the Park City Herringbone Collection by Mannington 

Snowcap Park City Herringbone

Now, you didn’t think we were going to give you all of this season's top-trending hardwoods without a taste of herringbone, did you?! That would be what some may call, a “rookie move.” The herringbone design has been a favorite amongst designers since ancient roman times and really “took off” thanks to the French around the 1600s. For centuries, this is a tried-and-true classic and no selection of signature flooring is complete without it. Mannington has some real wizards on their team. The Park City Collection has a matte finish to bring a subtle softness while still giving the spotlight to the natural beauty of the White Oak. A huge bonus about this collection? Mannington is so forward thinking that they also have a ‘Park City Latitude’ collection with straight planks and colors that coordinate with this Herringbone collection to accommodate all spaces and design dreams.


Now, moving on to the other headliner of the flooring industry: LVP. 


1. ’Road Trip’ from the Moda Living Collection by Provenza

Road Trip Provenza

‘Road Trip’ displays a lovely golden richness in a space, don’t you think? A front-runner in the industry of flooring, Provenza created the Moda Living Collection. Manufactured with state-of-the-art LVP technology to give you highly durable, waterproof and stain resistant flooring. Built to mimic that natural beauty of true hardwood, Provenza applies a rich grain feel through an embossed layer in this collection. We’re feelin’ some serious European Farmhouse inspo with ‘Road Trip.’


2. ‘Pottery Wheel’ from Cortona Plus Wide Plank collection by Mission Collection 

Pottery Wheel Cortona Plus WP

‘Pottery Wheel’ encourages even more dreams of the perfect setting to make all your own. Mission Collection’s Cortona Plus Wide Plank Collection offers a variety of colors that are sure to compliment any aesthetic vision. Mission Collection has integrated innovative technology that displays realistic wire brushing technology to accentuate the wood grain visuals in this  luxury vinyl collection. With wider planks and four-sided bevels, Cortona Plus Wide Plank LVP is an easy choice.


3. ‘Channel Island’ from the Christina Collection by Paradigm

Channel Island Christina Collection

If you’ve been shopping for flooring of the LVP variety, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the name Paradigm. Another front-runner manufacturer, Paradigm makes flooring built to last. The Christina Collection is no exception - reinforced with a DiamondWalk finish making it even more waterproof, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. This flooring is a great choice for commercial property or any high traffic areas. Each color in this collection was hand-picked by HGTV’s Christina Haack so, not only is it affordable, but sure to by stylish as well. With a beautiful gradient of colors to choose from, we especially love ‘Channel Island’ for it’s variability and elegant tonal value.


4. ‘Estate’ from the Conquest Collection by Paradigm 

Estate Paradigm Conquest

Conquest has certainly been aptly named as a collection that, since launched, dominates top-seller lists among the dizzying amount of LVP options. Conquest has been a favorite for many consumers because of the capacity it has to transition seamlessly with other flooring types and the color variant offered. ‘Estate’ offers an overall neutral color with peachy, warm undertones to brighten up a space even more. 


5. ‘Grain Mill’ from the Cortona Plus Herringbone Collection by Mission Collection

Grain Mill Cortona Herringbone

Another heavy hitter brought to you by Mission Collection. Herringbone flooring is a classic and a tried and true favorite in flooring design no matter the material. So, clearly, Herringbone made the cut in LVP as well. Mission Collection manufactures all of their products with exceptional quality and value - using a similar wire brushed finish to mimic the appeal and organic aesthetic and beauty of hardwood. This herringbone flooring doesn’t need adhesive, the pieces can be interlocking making the installation much smoother and more user-friendly. Additionally, Mission Collection has created a Cortona Plus Narrow Plank line with, you guessed it, coordinating narrow planks to match the herringbone for all flooring and design needs.



There you have it, the 5 Hottest Color Trends of Summer '22 for Hardwood and LVP. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or lean further into an eccentric style, any of these featured floors would be a great fit. We are loving the variation of neutrals and undertones among each of these floors, making the design process even more flexible and accommodating to any household or commercial aesthetic. We’ve seen each of these floors included in an overall design focus from Scandanavian and Contemporary to Farmhouse and Mid-Century Modern - leaving wiggle room to redecorate as you please and reimagine your space whenever it feels right.


Shop Lumberjack Direct’s complete inventory here on our website and please let us know how we can help.

May the Forest Be With You


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