The Coolest Flooring Trends of the Season

The Coolest Flooring Trends of the Season


Our team at Lumberjack Direct works hard to stay well-versed in all things trending for flooring - we meticulously follow and learn about interior design, remodels, anything and everything that makes a house a home. So, to help us welcome in 2023, we are sharing with you the coolest upcoming flooring trends of the season.

We know that choosing the perfect floors for your home is no simple task. There are so many factors to consider and we want to be here to support your decision from start to finish. It’s important to choose a material that will be practical, complimentary of your budget AND your style, as well as flooring that brings you peace from knowing that it will hold its value in longevity and durability. While trends are exciting and often times extremely interesting, they are not EVERYTHING and they often come and go. So, take this all with a grain of salt, it’s mostly for fun anyway.

Let’s dive right into the first trend focus: pattern appeal.

For an elegant and artistic touch of design, bring in a patterned floor. This is a fantastic solution to any awkward transition space, to break up the lines in between rooms, or simply for a bold accent piece sure to strike conversation and draw people in. The craftsmanship in custom woodworking is timeless and immaculate, what a special thing to add to a home.



We’re happy to share with you our main inspiration for this discussion, a true classic: Herringbone and Chevron. Herringbone and Chevron patterns truly are so similar - herringbone overlaps planks at the top, chevron meets planks at center of the point. These geometric patterns have peaked a higher demand over the past couple of years and we anticipate seeing the heat continue to rise for production. (As in, “it’s a hot item,” ya know?) From top-name flooring brands and all across the market, it seems everyone has something to show for herringbone options these days and we appreciate that about a classic trend. This “trend” dates back to the 16th century and will not, we repeat, will not go out of style. Like, ever.


Herringbone Floor Chevron Floor Pattern


Lumberjack Direct carries a variety of herringbone and chevron collections from Mannington, Mission Collection, Müller Graff, and more! You can shop those collections here.

Herringbone isn’t the only show-stopping pattern on the books. We’ve seen some custom floor work being created that makes Herringbone look maybe even a little bit basic. *gasp* Don’t tell herringbone we said so. We’re talkin’ hexagonal design shapes, floors with a mesmerizing assortment of geometric shapes, wave name it! These craftsmen can do it all, it seems.


We can’t make a pattern-appeal statement without mentioning the wide-plank era we have found ourselves in. Wide planks have quickly become the go-to flooring preference for designers and home-owners alike. Many collections of herringbone offer a wide straight-plank option to match which can be very agreeable when making those tough (and exciting!) decisions in the design process. We don’t discriminate against plank size here but the aesthetic of a wide-plank floor sure goes easy on the eyes. A contributing factor to the appeal of a wide-plank floor is also that it leaves less room for extreme color variation between adjoining planks and can have a more relaxed fluidity to the finished look once the floor is laid down.

*A wide-plank refers to a plank width that is generally 7.5"-9" versus the more traditional width 3"-5" narrow planks*


Natural Wide Plank Hardwood LVP Flooring

Pictured above: 'Natural' from Latitude Park City by Mannington

Top Trending Wide Plank Floors:


 Color Trend Predictions for 2023

Let’s switch gears now and get talking about flooring color trends. Many of you reading this have likely been following interior design trends for some time now - for your own projects or just out of interest and curiosity. Looking back at trends, you may recall a lot of cool tones and gray coloring recently. We have seen this specific trend dwindle quite a bit as the masses are moving back toward the natural aesthetic for the foundation of their homes and commercial spaces. Within a relatively short time, we have noticed many more projects underway to include floors with neutral-warm tones and an increased desire for something that looks and feels more organic. This is a trend that our team certainly hopes to see stick around for quite some time!



And, if you still love the cool toned floors, don’t be discouraged! Most collections still include options with stunning cooler tones and there are certainly heaps of cool-neutral flooring colors out there for that little compromise. Like we said earlier, all with a grain of salt.

Another trend we've spotted here and there is that of contrasting hue variation within a floor color. Generally, we see these floors with similar tonal family but intentionally noticeably contrasting planks amongst each other. These floors touch all over the color spectrum giving you more to work with in your own palette as well as adding more detail to the foundation of your interior design - the floors. Though we haven't seen a tremendous pop yet, this seems worth mentioning because we just can't seem to forget about it and it does remain consistent. 

Natural Hardwood Floor

The great thing about trends and demand is that it lights a spark of determination and inspiration for brands to pioneer the best version of that trend - the best installation method, best aesthetics, best acoustics, best maintenance, and of course, best value for the cost. Keep pushing those trends, people! Demand the best, we are here to deliver.

Lumberjack Direct carries premium-branded flooring product with top-quality value for every budget. As always, feel free reach out to us at or chat from to order complimentary samples and let us know how we can help you with your project!


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