The Benefits of Avaron Hardwood Flooring

The Benefits of Avaron Hardwood Flooring

In the quest to finish a home or workspace to the highest standard, flooring will always be a major consideration. A natural, warm feel that flows from room to room, coupled with durability and luxury one would expect from the highest quality product. Avaron hardwood flooring reflects Lumberjack Direct’s commitment to sourcing sustainable forestry from all over the world and providing beautiful design elements that will stand the test of time.


Compliments Any Interior Style

Real wood floors speak of luxury. Avaron hardwood offers a unique, yet natural, way to capture country chic with a twist of modernity. The beautiful natural patina of the wood is highlighted in each plank, based on a wide palette of earth tones that would complement any home, from a city apartment to a beautiful country residence. Conscious of the latest trends whilst retaining integrity of quality, the Mission Collection’s Avaron style has been selected by designers to transform any room into the pages of an interior magazine.


Boasts Unmatched Durability

Sophistication should not supersede durability, but enhance it. The Avaron collection strikes the perfect balance between the two. Hard-wearing and natural, with a UV cured urethane finish on European white oak and engineered to exacting standards, the collection offers the reassurance of lifetime structural warranty, ensuring beauty and high performance come in one package.


Indulge In Affordable Luxury

Premium flooring need not be out of reach. Lumberjack Direct strive to provide luxury and integrity at an affordable price. Avaron hardwood is a cost effective way to ensure the longevity of floors in both residential and commercial environments. Laminate or unnaturally sourced flooring can be a false economy requiring replacement after only a few years, however, natural hardwood is highly resistant to wear. The Avaron collection also guarantees a 30 year residential warranty, and a 5 year commercial warranty, an invaluable reassurance.


Lumberjack Direct provides a full range of wood flooring products, highlighting both nature and design. We are proud to showcase the Avaron Collection and to offer our clients the highest quality of customer care. Contact us today for a professional experience catering to all your needs.



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