Intro || We Are Lumberjack Direct

Intro || We Are Lumberjack Direct

If there ever was time in our society where affordable, sustainable home flooring was in demand its N O W. From designers to developers to DIY home decorators, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs, cut out the middle man, reduce labor and if they can help it, not ravage our forests and ecology along the way. So... that's where Lumberjack Direct comes in. 

Our team of expert wood flooring pros have sourced the world the best quality, highest grade, and truly affordable sustainable plank wood options and we have priced our merchandise to sell direct-to-you, no extra fees, no hidden costs, no surprises. Really, we are not only concerned about monitoring our eco-footprint as a company, but we actually care about keeping costs low and quality high so you want to tell everyone you know about our concept and our great prices.

In addition to our new online store launch features, we'll also be offering our Exclusive Financing Packages, an incredible giveback program, the LJD Green Initiative and a lucrative offer for those in the design trade - see, there's a lot going on at LJD and we hope you'll come back and check out our products, great pricing and more again and again. 


Until next time... let us bring the floor to your door!



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