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Blackwater Canyon Collection by Republic Flooring

Zurich Tan
Swill Light
Texas Brown
Hermes Ash
Edmonton Beige
Courtyard Grey

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The Republic Pure SPC MAX Flooring Revolution in Your Home!

The quiet, classic look of wood floors comes to full life in the Blackwater Canyon line.
Blending in unobtrusively, the floor gives a neutral background to furnishings and decorations of any genre.
As someone once said Republic Pure SPC MAX: “You can’t have a floor that looks more like real wood without cutting down a tree.”

 The naturally harmonious surface virtually never wears out.  The core of the floor is 40% denser SPC floor made anywhere providing you with strength, durability and stability that will last as long as you own the floor – and then some.

Republic Pure SPC MAX
MAXimum strength, MAXimum durability, MAXimum stability, MAXimum style

12mil **NEW** 5mm boards
(4mm SPC + 1mm Bio Guard TechnologyTM Anti-Bacterial Acoustic Solution EVA)

SIZE: 5MM X 7 11/64" X 48"

WARRANTY: 20 year residential/5 year commercial

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